What they do     

Hidden Britain is a UK-based rural development charity and their objective is to help rural towns, villages and communities to uncover and develop their tourism potential for sustainable economic and social benefit.

Their work is about helping rural communities use tourism to be more self-sufficient, less dependent on government or EU funding and more vibrant and desirable places to both live and visit.

What they needed         

A marketing and communications strategy to underpin and deliver:

  • Changing the mindset of rural businesses and communities away from grant-funding dependence
  • Increase awareness of Hidden Britain’s services and increase the number of communities they work with
  • Development of a portfolio of services to support both the communities and grow a funding stream for the charity
  • Convincing groups used to government-funding that they need to invest in themselves (and Hidden Britain to a certain extent).

What we did      

  • Contributed to strategic development of the charity (ongoing)
  • Created a valid marketing approach including strategic priorities and relevant activity plans
  • Helped to design and launch a new product range via multi-media campaigns to a limited budget
  • Created a new website with the small web design team
  • Built social media presence to influence stakeholders and evidence value of the new way of doing things
  • Engaged the beneficiaries in all development work
  • Conducted training sessions for community beneficiaries
  • Created and delivered community/destination brand development workshops
  • Manage and write relevant, regular content for their monthly update
  • With the team created and delivered saleable Destination Marketing workshops
  • Delivered ongoing client community projects on behalf of the charity.

Key Results        

  • New product range on sale and generating revenue from a standing start
  • Geographic reach spreading to Wales and Scotland as a result of awareness activity – over 100 new communities now aware of the charity and using the services directly
  • Growing uptake of paid-for services by community groups who had previously received services for free and were reticent to pay for anything
  • Thousands of social media connections built from scratch, significantly increasing the charity’s awareness and inbound requests for support.


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