What they do

Beatbullying empowers people to understand, recognise, and say no to bullying, violence and harassment by giving them the online and face to face tools to transform their lives and the lives of their peers.

They work with families, schools, and communities to understand the problem, campaign for change and provide a sustainable efficient and proven solution.

Their needs

To help develop the management and broader team’s understanding that the charity’s brands are more than just a logo.  To illustrate and generate excitement around how their brands could be used to strengthen their services, communications and engagement with all audiences, internal and external.

What we did

Designed and delivered a tailored workshop plus follow-up sessions to the management team introducing the concept of brand as an asset.  This engaged the group with activities and tools that both enthused and informed as well as giving them a working methodology and an action plan to take back to their functions and implement.

Key results

Highly positive feedback from the attendees with follow-up training and brand launch work being planned (June 2012).

“Thanks again for the excellent training, it’s certainly the best I’ve had in this round of training”

Cybermentors logo from beatbullying



Old beatbullying logo