What they do

British Lung Foundation is a major UK health charity leading the fight against lung disease.  They are dedicated to supporting people affected by lung conditions and fund vital research so that new treatments and cures can help save lives.  They also promote better understanding of lung disease, campaigning for change in the nation’s lung health.

Their needs        

  • Many people think that asbestos is a thing of the past and that it doesn’t cause significant health issues today but thousands of people die in the UK every year from asbestos-related diseases.  And this hidden killer is in fact still lurking in millions of British homes.
  • With a relatively limited budget, British Lung Foundation needed to kick start a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos in the home.  Regular DIY’ers, home-improvers and renovators simply don’t see the messages from the construction trade so are
  • n’t aware of the danger they could be putting themselves in.
  • The charity also wanted to collect as much data as possible from people interested in finding out more
    about asbestos to begin an ongoing dialogue.

What we did      

  • Working closely with our partners at TBCH and MC&C we created a multi-media campaign which lasted several weeks which aimed to target this audience directly.
  • Planned and created an integrated campaign around the concept of encouraging people to take 5 minutes and just check on the risks of asbestos in their homes before launching into DIY activity – take 5 and stay alive
  • Built a media schedule around the Easter weekend which is the busiest time for DIY in the UK
  • Developed a 30 second TV commercial, various internet advertising banners, web copy, online advertorial, an asbestos guide, a campaign microsite and even incentives for data collection (our lovely mugs)
  • Supported the corporate fundraising team in creating a proposition to persuade major DIY retailers to support the charity
  • Improved online search performance by working closely with the charity to align keyword activity and invest the Google grant funds differently
  • Integrated simple social media activity to raise awareness and drive traffic
  • Supported the charity’s PR efforts
  • We worked effectively as one team, supporting the needs of British Lung Foundation throughout the campaign and beyond.

And we needed to ensure that none of the messaging caused undue upset or indeed damaged the reputations of the DIY retailers.

Key Results        

  • Based on the positive impact of the TV commercial, we developed a radio advert in support of the charity’s volunteer network ‘breathe easy’ week in late June
  • Exceeded TV impact targets through smart negotation
  • Over 1100 new contacts captured via the campaign microsite
  • Improved search engine rankings following the campaign
  • Invited to contribute to future stages of the asbestos awareness campaign
  • Reached new and significant volume social media audiences – particularly through twitter

So far… learning is coming in all the time