The simple philosophy

Our goal is to help charities and non-profit organisations exceed their campaigning and fundraising objectives by making their brand, their marketing and their communications work harder.

We love sharing realistic ideas with busy people and you’ll often find Kevin tweeting or speaking about one of our passions across a number of third sector events and forums.

We love:

  • Ideas that make a difference where they’re supposed to
  • Charities that want their brand to be more than just a logo
  • Chief Executives who want to innovate their way through tough financial times
  • Penguins

We hate:

  • Change for change’s sake
  • Fluff and jargon
  • Ideas that we can’t actually use in our dayjobs

Our Team:

Meet the people (and penguins) that make Bottom Line Ideas tick…

Kevin Baughen

The Penguin

Our Virtual Team

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Associations and codes of conduct

Institute of Fundraising

We are members of the Institute of fundraising and adhere to all its relevant codes of practice

International Fundraising Consultancy

Kevin is an Associate of the International Fundraising Consultancy and we work with their experienced team to help charity brands support better fundraising

Big Society Co-operative

Working together to improve non-profit organisations’ marketing and communications results.  And doing it at an affordable cost