Kevin Baughen

Kevin Baughen

Kevin is the founder of Bottom Line Ideas and it’s his passion for ideas that actually work in the real world that underpins all of the services the team offers. Over the last 20 years he has worked with and for charities, large corporates, small enterprises and public-sector bodies and has held pretty much every relevant position from Marketing Assistant to Director.

As a result, there’s not much he hasn’t tried and he’s learnt a lot along the way from some very talented folks, as well as the odd mistake. And with an executive MBA earned alongside some great charity and business leaders, Kevin also brings valuable rigour to every client project.

Away from the office, Kevin plays his ukulele (poorly), indulges in his passion for classic cars and his motorbike and spends time playing with his chickens, chinchillas and tortoises, although not at the same time.

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